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Submitted on
June 30, 2011


Hi my dear fiends, watcher and visitors. ^.~

Well... some of you propably know, that I had a premium membership 2 years ago. I missed it so much, that I decided to offer it again and now I'm happy. ^^

Like 2 years ago I want to show you some really nice works of other people at my journal, and I will start with my beloved Character Giselle from disney's Enchanted *-*
I love her so much and She became very important for me, so I thought she would make a good opening. I will start with drawings of her, just drawings, no cosplays. XD One day I will make a journal with Gisellecosplays too.

First I want to show you why she became a part of my live. Here are My Giselleworks:

Disney's Giselle by Jibril-Cosplay   Cosplay 2011 by Jibril-Cosplay   Giselle -disney- Cosplay by Jibril-Cosplay

And my works in other galleries:

Giselle by OceanxSoul   Enchanted by NikitaLaChance   DISNEY: Fairy Magic by Nami06   Edward x Giselle Disney Cosplay by Berry-Cosplay

******** And now  the main featured drawings of the great disney charakter GISELLE ********

Chibi Mermaid Giselle by seiyachan   Giselle by winderly   Giselle Enchanted by Deidaraisstupid   Ever ever after by CicatriceMiki  Enchanted by D-PON   dandelion - Giselle by egophiliac  

Stained Glass: Giselle by Akili-Amethyst   Giselle by mollay   Giselle Enchanted commission by xxxKei87xxx   True Loves Kiss -coloured- by Lion3Queen   Chibi Giselle - Enchanted by SiliceB

Retro Disney- Giselle by sunami56   How Do You Know? by SayuriEyes   spring giselle by briannacherrygarcia  Disney Lolita - Giselle by mollay  :thumb192414619:   Giselle sketch by frodon

Enchanting Beauty by MichelleWalker      G i s e l l e by SayuriEyes   Giselle sketch by MaddMorgana   


Of corse there are many more great Giselleworks at Deviantart but I can't show you all of them. XD
So I hope you enjoy the selection.
  • Mood: Joy
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NikitaLaChance Jul 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for the feature! :boogie:

Your collection of Giselle pictures is great.
Thank you too and you are welcome ^^
thank you!!!! :hug:
OMAGOD thank you so so so very much ;v; it's such and honor ans your pictures of Giselle are amazing!!!
Thank you very, very much too ^^
Glad you like it.
Thanks a lot for the feature! I'm sorry for not replying earlier, but that's because I've moved to another account LOL.
SayuriEyes Jun 30, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you!!!Thank you!!!Thank you!!!Thank you!!!Thank you!!!Thank you!!!
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